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An online casino with a bonus is particularly popular in Switzerland. Most online casinos with a bonus offer players from Switzerland the opportunity to use an online casino bonus. With the help of the bonus, you get bonus credit credited to your player account with which you can test out the online casino. To ensure that there is no risk for our readers from Switzerland when using an online casino bonus, we offer you this article that will inform you about all important aspects of casino bonuses from Switzerland. We will explain important aspects like the welcome bonuses, the turnover requirement and of course the amount of the bonus to you in this article. If you are a new player, then this article is the right way for you to get and understand free online casino bonuses.


The best Swiss Casinos with Bonus 2024

Casino Rating bonus Play



€120 + 120 Free Spins

Zalung Speed:


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€100 +100 Free Spins

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€100 + 100 Free Spins

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€100 +100 Free Spins

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€500+ 150 Free Spins

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Spin Samurai


€300 +100 Free Spins

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    Online Casino Free Bonus for Swiss 2024

    Many casinos offer players from Switzerland the possibility to use a bonus to get more money for their deposits. For this reason, you as a Swiss have a very large selection of different very good online casinos with bonuses that you can use to play with more real money. For this reason, it can be difficult for our readers to find the best casino bonuses themselves. As an example, here are just a few suggestions from our list that we hope will help you.

    • Rich Casino: 750% and 25 free spins
    • Loki Casino: up to 1200€ and 100 free spins
    • CasinoChan: up to £400 and 120 free spins
    • Bob Casino: £500 and 130 free spins

    If you are looking for a good casino in Switzerland, then you should choose one of the casinos from this list.

    Concept of casino bonuses

    The concept behind a casino bonus is relatively easy to understand. Many casinos from Switzerland and around the world offer new players and sometimes also existing players an increased starting credit for their player account so that players can test out a particular casino. In this way, many casinos in Switzerland secure new players, as they offer a very high bonus for new players. For this reason, many new players sign up at the casino. The players get more money to play with and the casino gets new customers, so this is a win-win situation for both sides.

    How we choose the best online casinos

    When it comes to online casinos, it is not so easy to find the best one among all online casino bonuses. But the bonus is not the only thing, there are many casino offers that count for us. For example, can you get free spins without depositing? How does the deposit work at all? Of course we want to find the best casino bonus, but the online casino also has to be safe, as this is the only way to secure the players’ money in the casino after the deposit. We have used our casino experience to secure offers and filter out the top ones. In most cases, the slot machines and the casino bonus are important factors for the chances of winning. But we also took a close look at the mobile casino.

    The offer as a whole determines the chances of winning. Of course, we also look at whether there is a valid gaming licence. Otherwise, playing in this online casino is very unsafe and a bonus casino means nothing at all. Also casino games are a sour taste if you only lose your money. As an online casino bonus, online casinos have good casino bonus offers. This is because they offer a safe programme for casino players after they make a deposit. Why this is so, you will find in our list, which is not only about the deposit, not even about the High Roller Bonus, but about bonuses in online casinos in general. But we won’t limit ourselves to that either, instead we will explain in Swiss online language why online casino bonus with Swiss francs is the best.

    The legality of online casino bonuses

    One question we experts at often get is whether casino bonuses are legal in Switzerland. After all, players from Switzerland get an online casino real money bonus that often seems almost too good to be true. But we can confirm that online casino bonuses in Switzerland are legal, as long as the casino has a valid licence, and everyone is allowed to use Swiss casino bonuses as they wish. With this knowledge, you now no longer need to hesitate and can secure your new customer bonus and test out many new casinos in Switzerland with more money.

    With this knowledge, you now no longer need to hesitate and can secure your new customer bonus and test out many new providers in Switzerland with more money. The offer is of course just as important as the legality. However, we will deal with the offer in detail, here we just wanted to make clear what the legal situation looks like. Don’t worry, we will also take a closer look at slot machines!

    What counts for us in casino promos and bonus offers

    As already mentioned, the bonus conditions of the offers are incredibly important. Is there a welcome bonus? If you deposit CHF 100, what can you claim? Is there a maximum bonus amount? And: Are live casino games also included in the bonus amount? Not only the amount of bonus money is important, we also look at whether the offer also includes 150 free spins.

    It is not limited to this number, there are also 200 bonus free spins or only 20 free spins. 20 free spins would not be too strong as part of the welcome bonus, as you have to open your account and use your funds. There is also a bonus casino, with promotions that give extra credit, so bonus money. The amount differs according to the online casino, but should give new customers an incentive to try out the slot machines and free spins in the online casino.

    There must be a reason for choosing this one from all the offers. In order to create an account, you also have to enter your email, and revealing your email is also associated with risks. The security in the casino is therefore directly connected with the casino bonus and starts already with the deposit. The casino bonus offer is a trademark of online casinos and the bonus also decides the deposit at the very beginning. What is also nice is a reload bonus. The reload bonus is a reload bonus that takes effect again after the deposit. In this way, you are rewarded with a bonus in addition to the deposit. We also examine the cashback bonus.

    The best Swiss Franc Casinos

    • Deposit: This is always safe because Online Casino Bonus has a number from the ESBK. This means that the provider meets regulatory requirements and is one of the best casino providers.
    • Online Casino Bonus: This is where the Swiss online casinos spoil you. Because as a Swiss online there is a lot to get for you in terms of bonuses. 50 free spins or even more are just one variant. Of course, there are more Swiss online bonuses than just 50 free spins, because the bonus is very versatile. But it is a highlight for casinos. We think such promotions are good. But it already starts with the search for slot machines, because there are also different welcome bonuses and bonus codes that can make playing for real money at the slot machines a lot nicer. The deposit bonus always comes on top of the deposit amount and gives you more amount to withdraw under certain bonus conditions.
    • Game selection: Whether slot machines, live casino or something else: most online casinos have a great selection of games ready for you. You don’t even need a bonus code or other bonus offers, but can start right away as a new customer. The games are of course the highlight of the online casinos, as the amount of real money can be increased here. This can be achieved by playing for real money, but you can also use a bonus code. As always, you can find exact info about the online casinos on the casino’s website, where exact info is waiting.
    • Account: Your account at the casinos is secured and protected from hackers. It makes no difference whether you play on the slot machines or in the live casino. You don’t need to worry about your credit balance, your bonus balance or the amount of your deposit. This has nothing to do with luck, it is simply a common form of security.

    Customer support: Games and live casino are nice, but the best thing about Schweizer Casino is probably that the customer support is always there for you. Do you have questions about the bonus amount, promotions, deposit amount, casino games or 20 free spins? Then contact the support, the people are professional and always there for you.

    The validity of casino bonuses from Switzerland after receipt

    Bonuses for players from Switzerland are always linked to bonus conditions that must be fulfilled in order for players from Switzerland to be able to use the bonus properly. In some bonus casinos, this means that the bonuses are limited in time. For example, some large providers offer free spins, but you have to redeem these free spins within 7 days in order to use them. Similarly, bonus payments are often tied to such conditions. For example, some casinos require you to redeem your casino bonus within a certain time after signing up if you want to use the bonus.

    The list of the most popular casino bonuses in Switzerland

    There are many providers offering online casino bonuses in Switzerland. For this reason, it can be difficult for our readers to find even the best casino bonuses in Switzerland. In addition, you will have problems distinguishing between the many different casino bonuses that are available. So that our Swiss readers know exactly what kind of bonus you will get, we at will show you all the casino bonuses you can get in Switzerland Bonus. We will explain exactly how the bonuses work and how you can best use them.

    There are different types of bonuses that you can use as a Swiss to get more real money at an online casino. The bonuses are:

    • Deposit bonuses
    • Cashback bonus
    • No deposit bonus
    • Loyalty programmes
    • VIP Bonus

    Later in the text we will explain the differences between the different types of casino bonuses.

    Online Casino Bonus without Deposit Switzerland and Bonus Code

    Some casinos in Switzerland even offer their players bonuses without the player having to deposit money into the casino. These bonuses are usually significantly lower than bonuses with deposit and are also often tied to stricter turnover requirements. For this reason, no deposit casino bonuses are a good idea for Swiss players who want to try out a casino. To redeem a no deposit bonus, you usually need a bonus code, which you have to enter in the online casino. You will receive your no deposit bonus via this bonus code.

    Welcome bonus and initial credit for new players

    New players at a casino in Switzerland often receive a bonus on their first deposit. This is usually the biggest bonus you can find at an online casino in Switzerland. The purpose behind such a bonus is to get players to try out a casino because of this offer. Another technique to achieve this is an increased initial balance for Swiss players. Initial credits are very similar to a bonus on the first deposit in a casino and Swiss players can use this just like a casino bonus.

    The welcome bonus

    You have received a welcome bonus but don’t know how to use it? Don’t worry, the welcome bonus is a simple bonus. Unlike the deposit bonus, you get the welcome bonus right from the start. This makes sense: with a welcome bonus, casinos want to attract new customers in the form of depositing money. This means that the welcome bonus is in your account from the start. You may still have to redeem it, but the casino will show you how to do this. So don’t worry, you will be able to redeem the welcome bonus. If you don’t want to read a lot, here is a short guide to the welcome bonus:

    • Search for casino offers on a portal like ours. You will always find a welcome bonus there.
    • Choose your favourite casino to play at. If you are not sure, you can read our reviews of the individual casinos.
    • Now you will be redirected to the casino’s page. Here you need to create an account and provide the casino with all the important form data such as your place of residence. You should also choose a payment method, but a deposit is not yet mandatory.
    • You’ve done it! You can now start with the welcome bonus.

    Online Casino Switzerland with starting credit

    What is this casino bonus about? Well, the name already gives it away. It is a kind of extra credit that you get. However, unlike the deposit bonus, this credit is not measured against your deposit. It is rather a fixed bonus money that comes as a separate offer. With a bit of luck, it is not that insignificant, as many casinos use it for their offers.

    It is one of the best casino bonuses because unlike 50 free spins or something else along those lines, it gives you a direct bonus money. This means you don’t have to try your luck at the slot machines first, but have a fixed contribution as credit right at the beginning. Therefore, it is also clear why free spins have higher numbers such as 150 free spins: They are not so sure as bonus credits. credit is just independent of how you do for the games. As a rule, however, this bonus – similar to free spins – can only be used on slot machines. It is therefore not an unrestricted bonus credit. In addition, this bonus is of course tied to bonus conditions just like any other bonus. You first have to play games and win before you can get your deposit back with offers like this bonus.

    You can then use the bonus in the casino in many different ways. The most common and by far the most popular, however, are the slot machines, which are true classics for the casino bonus. The bonus money can be used well here and, with a 200 bonus, can be wagered several times over. Bonus offers are therefore often tailored to individual games, as online casinos know what players enjoy. That is the most important thing you need to know about this casino bonus.

    Deposit bonus

    The most common type of casino bonus is the deposit bonus. The deposit bonus is the extra real money you receive when you make a deposit for the first time at a new casino. Often you get a deposit bonus of several hundred percent, so such bonuses are really worthwhile in 2024. Therefore, we at recommend to our Swiss readers that you always try to find a code for a deposit bonus so that you have more money available to the player. We have already given you two lists in this article that show you many good casino bonuses that you can take advantage of.

    High Roller Bonus

    A high roller is a player who likes to put a lot of money on the line and is after the really big wins. For such players, there are often so-called high roller bonuses, which give you even more money to play with.  High roller bonuses often have a very high limit for the bonus. For example, the bonus from Loki Casino is a high roller bonus, as you can receive up to €1200 in addition to your first deposit. Therefore, high rollers from Switzerland should make sure that the maximum bonus is not too low for your first deposit, but is high like at Loki Casino.

    Turnover requirements for high rollers

    Bonus conditions exist for every bonus, because that’s what online casinos are aiming for. They don’t give 50 free spins or 200 bonuses only for the players to take advantage of the offers and then disappear again immediately. This is no different with the high roller bonus. Even in the best casino bonuses, they are linked to bonus conditions. This means that you first have to wager a multiple of the bonus in the game before it becomes your real money balance and you can withdraw the amount.

    Why are there bonus conditions? We have already explained it, but let’s go over it again: Bonus offers are only worthwhile for casinos if the players take advantage of the offer in the casino for a longer period of time.

    Cashback bonuses in online casinos

    Another type of casino bonus that is often used in Switzerland are cash back bonuses. A cashback bonus in Switzerland works a bit like a money-back guarantee. With a cashback bonus, an online casino assures you that part of your possible losses at the casino will be paid back to you. In this way, you will get back part of your money that you gambled away in a casino, so that you have new money to play with without having to deposit new money. This way you can protect yourself against losses.

    The bonus with bonus code

    Here we would like to take another look at a special casino bonus, namely the bonus with code. In contrast to a bonus credit, you do not directly receive a bonus that reflects your deposit. This bonus is also not to be confused with the welcome bonus, bonus codes are regularly separate bonus offers. So what’s going on here? Sometimes online casinos hand out these codes to either get a deposit from new customers or to offer existing players who haven’t just made a deposit.

    Similar to the welcome bonus, this bonus can come in different forms: Free spins, extra credit but also something else – the online casinos are often very creative here However, players are often lured with free spins. Free spins have the advantage that the casino bonus can be used for popular casino games. Free spins are therefore a somewhat different type of no deposit casino bonus. Nevertheless, the casino bonus without deposit must still be seen strictly as a separate bonus offer. This is because the no deposit casino bonus is usually already determined when the account is opened, whereas bonus codes are later bonus offers that the casino has not yet determined.

    Bonuses for VIP players and loyalty programmes

    If you play in a casino for a long time, you will become a regular player and often a casino will reward this by making you a VIP. As a VIP, many casinos will give you additional bonuses on your deposits, so you will always get a bonus on future deposits. A loyalty programme works similarly and rewards players more the longer they play at the casino. This allows you to win bonuses on future deposits, for example, or even get free spins. There are some casinos in Switzerland that offer very good loyalty programmes that offer Swiss players a lot.

    Additional free spins

    Another part of the bonus offers of many casinos are free spins for certain slots in a casino. Free spins allow you to play, for example, 100 games on a certain slot without having to spend money on the games. However, you can win money on every spin.  Free spins are a good way for players from Switzerland to familiarise themselves with a slot without having to spend money on it. Many casinos limit the free spins to a selected slot, so Swiss players are somewhat limited, but can still have fun with their free spins.

    Bonus and turnover condition

    We had already explained one part of the bonus conditions to you, this was the time component. However, there is another part and that is the turnover requirements. Turnover requirements are there to prevent Swiss players from cashing out their bonus immediately from the casino without having played in the casino. For this reason, you must have wagered a certain amount of money before you can withdraw your money. Bonus conditions can be:

    • Deadlines
    • Certain amount of turnover
    • Certain games you must play

    For example, with a bonus of €50, you must wager €250 before you can withdraw your money. The money you win using the bonuses is included, so you have a good chance of cashing out when you use a bonus.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the casino bonus

    We now want to take another critical look at the casino bonus and ask ourselves what the casino bonus ultimately means for us as players. Free spins, welcome bonus and everything in between is included in our evaluation. However, we can anticipate the verdict and tell you that we are very enthusiastic about the casino bonus, as the free spins and the welcome bonus are an excellent way to get to know the world of the casino better.

    • A casino bonus allows a quick entry into the casino and this in many ways. For example, a casino bonus without deposit is suitable for giving uncertain players a first aid to ease their fear of online casinos. Free spins go in a similar direction. With free spins, you can play cool slots for free before making a deposit. With free spins, you can try out different strategies before you get serious.
    • The welcome bonus makes you feel – well, welcome. That’s exactly what the welcome bonus is for. Because that’s how casinos attract new customers. And that works too, because you have to wager the bonus first and therefore remain with the online casino that issued the casino bonus.
    • A bonus is also always a good sign of trust. Because even if the casino bonus is tied to conditions at all online casinos, it is financially easier for online casinos not to spend a casino bonus. So the fact that there are free spins or a bonus when depositing is a sign that the casino bonus exists for the best of the players. So: Enjoy your bonus and free spins, because they come from the heart.
    • The casino bonus in whatever form is actually always linked to conditions. This means that you have free spins, but they can only be converted if you have converted the bonus several times. Free spins are therefore not a substitute for a deposit, you don’t just get money as a gift through free spins.

    What happens if I don’t use the casino bonus?

    This question is asked by everyone who has ever received a casino bonus, be it a deposit bonus or free spins. So what happens if you can’t reach the often unfair conditions? Are there no more free spins then? We have prepared a short overview for you.

    1. In the starting point, of course, you try to convert the casino bonus. But we are here because you were not able to convert it. So we assume that, for example, your free spins were for nothing and you couldn’t win anything with the free spins.
    2. But now it gets difficult. A casino bonus usually has a certain period of time within which you have to wager it. After that it disappears and this bonus will not come back.
    3. Now you can only wait for the next casino bonus. This can be in many ways, for example when you make your next deposit. Then take a look at the conditions of the casino bonus and consider whether you can fulfil these conditions before making the deposit.

    How do I get a casino bonus?

    There is no single answer to this. The casino bonus is a very dynamic thing. There are different types of bonuses and depending on which bonus you have, it will look different. The deposit bonus, for example, is awarded according to its name at the time of deposit. But a casino bonus such as the welcome bonus is already available when you register, as it is not linked to certain actions. So it all depends on the casino bonus in question.

    1. Welcome bonus: Directly when opening an account
    2. Casino bonus with deposit: Choose a payment method and make the deposit
    3. Bonus codes: Depending on the conditions of the casino bonus

    Other conditions for an online casino with bonus

    There are also a few conditions for a casino bonus, but they are not too important. First of all, you need an account, but that should be clear. Secondly, you should not have attracted negative attention in the past, otherwise the casino can block you. All in all, these hurdles are very low, so you really don’t have to worry. As long as you behave fairly and take logical steps, you will be able to enjoy the bonuses.

    100% deposit bonus

    If you look at the following headings you will notice that the other percentages are higher. This is because after several deposits a reduction of the bonus has to take place. The casino is sure of its business and no longer believes that you will leave. Therefore, the bonuses you can still get here are correspondingly low. Also check with your favourite casino, as these values are logically not fixed and can vary depending on the provider.

    200% deposit bonus

    Even with the third deposit, you can still count on a bonus at many reputable providers. This is because your deposit is matched by the casino. This means that you will receive a bonus based on your deposit. This also means that this bonus will not be the same for everyone. Rather, it is based on the specific amount you have deposited. This means that the more you deposit, the higher the bonus.

    300% deposit bonus

    The second deposit is sweetened even more. Some providers will give you up to 300% more. As already mentioned, this depends on the amount of the deposit. Logically, it will not be the same for everyone. What the casino wants to achieve with this is that you deposit a lot right at the beginning and thus bind yourself in the long term. Be aware of this, because here the course is set for your future gambling.

    400% deposit bonus

    This is usually given with the first deposit. Of course, it is remarkable that it is much higher than the other bonuses. This is because the casino is still very keen to keep new customers. That’s why you can be happy about this large sum. Of course, this comes with corresponding conditions; you don’t just get 400% for free. You should check the exact conditions with your casino, as there may be deviations.

    Our conclusion

    We at hope that our overview of online casino bonuses in Switzerland has helped you get your bearings. By explaining the differences between the many different types of bonuses, you should be able to find good casinos for yourself and have more money to play with. We at recommend you visit some of the casinos in our article to take advantage of the free bonus online casino.



    How do I redeem a bonus?

    Many casinos offer you a bonus code, which you have to enter when you make your first deposit. However, at some casinos you also receive a bonus without a bonus code.

    How many bonuses can I use?

    How many bonuses you can use depends on the online casino you use. However, if you switch between many different casinos, you can get a lot of bonuses.

    How quickly do I get the bonus?

    You should receive the bonus immediately after your deposit, so that you can start playing right away without having to wait for your bonus.

    Can I withdraw a bonus immediately?

    In the vast majority of casinos, you cannot withdraw your bonus immediately, but must follow the bonus and turnover requirements.

    Do bonuses depend on the deposit method?

    Some casinos only offer you a bonus if you use a certain deposit method to deposit your money. But in many casinos the bonus is also independent of the deposit method.

    What bonuses are there in online casinos and why do they exist?

    There are different types like the welcome bonus, the reload bonus or VIP programmes. However, they are all offered to create a basis of trust between the online casino and their customers.

    Can I use more than one casino bonus?

    You can’t, but it’s not a problem either. Because one bonus is often already so extensive that you are properly served. The welcome bonus, for example, has several components with which you can let off steam.

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